Winter is Coming: Be Prepared With Four Winter / Snow Tires

Winter / Snow Tire & Wheel Package Winter is coming, but winter / snow tire season is already here. Tire manufacturers usually make most of their winter / snow tire inventory before winter starts. While it's warm and sunny here at Tire Rack headquarters, we just had our winter tire training sessions and are prepared for the cold weather that's on its way.

Some drivers still doubt the industry's requirements for equipping vehicles with matching tires all the way around. Recently, we set out to demonstrate the benefits of purchasing four winter / snow tires to address those doubts and show what can happen when mixed tires reach their limits on hard-packed snow and ice. Watch our tests at our local skating rink in, "Why Gamble in Winter When Four of a Kind Beats Two Pair?"

We have a wide selection of winter / snow tires available, but they can sell out quickly. It's best to make your purchase in advance rather than waiting for the snow to begin falling. Remember, placing winter / snow tires only on the front or rear of your vehicle can create a vehicle with a split personality. For more information on the benefits of installing four winter / snow tires, read "Four Winter Tires...The Only Way To Go."

Start creating a Winter / Snow Tire & Wheel Package today.

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