What Does It Mean When an Item is on Back Order?

I often get asked when an item listed on "Back Order" will be available. When we list it this way instead of with an estimated date, it means that the manufacturer has been unable to give us an estimate of when the item will be back in stock.

If you're willing to wait to receive the back ordered item, then it makes sense to place an order. When the item comes in stock, orders will be filled in the order that they were placed. There are times when the first shipments we receive are limited quantity, so putting your order in early can sometimes mean that you will receive the item sooner than if you just wait to see when it shows up as "In Stock."

We will touch base approximately once a month to advise on the status of a back order. With the ETA being uncertain, we understand that your circumstances may change, or that the wait might end up taking longer than what can work for you. You are always free to cancel a back order or to change to an item that is more readily available.

For more information on an item being on back order, visit this page from our website.

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