Toyo Proxes R888 Available at Tire Rack

We are excited to be carrying Toyo competition tires this spring. The Proxes R888 is Toyo's most advanced DOT-legal track tire. The tire is developed for driving enthusiasts participating in road racing, track days and high-performance driving schools. R888 tires are produced in a wide variety of sizes ranging from 13" to 20" wheel diameters.

While Proxes R888 radials meet DOT requirements, they're not appropriate for highway use. The R888 is molded at 6/32" tread depth and at this depth it offers the ability to handle intermediate wet conditions. Advancements in the Proxes R888's casing and tread design improve dry performance while maintaining wet traction and control. However, drivers should avoid wet conditions if the tire is shaved or worn down closer to 4/32" or less.

The Proxes R888 is the successor to the venerable Proxes RA1, which is still in production to serve a number of spec racing series events. Compared to the RA1, the R888 is noticeably faster around the track, although it requires a little more fine tuning of the car's set-up to extract the very best performance. Toyo recommends the following general set-up guidelines for the Proxes R888:

  • Operating Temperature: 160ºF to 220ºF
  • Hot Inflation Pressures: 32 to 38 (psi)
  • Camber: -2.5º to -5.0º
  • Caster: As much positive as possible

When racing on DOT-approved tires air pressure is a major consideration in tuning the handling of a car, especially in cases where suspension adjustments are limited. To see how you can change the balance of your car, read "Air Pressure for Competition Tires."

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