Tire Testing is Underway

Tire testing is one of the most enjoyable parts of my job. It's also a big part of what sets Tire Rack apart from other online retailers. While we can't drive every tire on the market, we make an effort to drive as many of the leading tires as possible in each market category.

When you call Tire Rack to purchase your tires, you'll speak with an expert who has a wealth of experience driving on a wide variety of tires.

Every couple of weeks, while the weather is nice, we take four identical cars, mount each one with a different tire, and run back-to-back testing on both the road and track. Road testing allows us to sample ride quality and noise characteristics while experiencing handling characteristics relevant to everyday driving. Since the testing is on public roads, we drive at moderate speeds and do not test the limits of the tires' capability.

After road testing, we move on to the more exciting segment of the test: the track evaluation. Hot lapping in wet or dry conditions on our test track pushes the tires to their limits and is especially valuable for enthusiast-oriented tires.

All of our sales specialists take part in the driving portions of testing, while a few members of our tire information team handle the instrumented testing to measure braking distances on wet and dry surfaces. Look for our latest test results as soon as they are ready. We have results pending for the Grand Touring All-Season and Extreme Performance Summer category that should be going live in the next few weeks.

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