The Potenza RE-11A is Bridgestone's Latest Tire for Enthusiasts

The Extreme Performance Summer category is targeted specifically for driving enthusiasts who demand the ultimate in grip and handling. These drivers may take their cars to autocross races, lapping days and other amateur motorsports events. For any racing class that requires true street tires, this is the class of tire to use.

Bridgestone's Potenza RE-11 has been very successful in this category, posting fast lap times and gaining high marks for its everyday usability. While it is currently the highest rated tire in our customer survey data, Bridgestone is aware they can't be complacent in this competitive class of tires. With competitors like BFGoodrich and Dunlop launching new tires, customers will have a wide variety of excellent options.

For 2013, Bridgestone is introducing the Potenza RE-11A in select sizes. This tire is an evolution of the Potenza RE-11, with revisions to enhance its performance and keep it at the forefront of this hotly contested market segment. The tire features a slightly revised tread pattern and a compound that combines silica content with a new long-link carbon black.

RE-11 sizes that are not being replaced by the RE-11A will continue to be available. View the RE-11A sizes that will be available this year and see if one is a match for your vehicle.

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