Summer Tires are Specialists

Summer tires have the best wet and dry traction. They are becoming a more popular option for Original Equipment, especially on cars with high horsepower or upgraded wheel and tire packages. If your tires are summer tires, they are great right now, but will be extremely slippery in cold snowy weather. If you will experience cold and snow this winter, it is not too early to think about what your options are for better traction.

If you rarely see snow, the Autosock is an excellent temporary solution. Think of them as a lighter weight, easier to install substitute for snow chains.

If you get a lot of snow, you might think about a winter Wheel and Tire Package.

If you have the luxury of owning multiple cars, you might even garage your fun car for the winter, and keep it out of the salt and slush. Its tires really can't handle those conditions anyway.

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