Preview: BFGoodrich g-Force Rival S

This spring, BFGoodrich is introducing the new g-Force Rival S. Building on the successful design of the original g-Force Rival, BFGoodrich is expanding the line to include the S version. The primary difference is a softer compound that will come up to operating temperature faster and yield higher maximum grip. This is ideal for autocross competitors, time attack participants or anyone who needs maximum grip for short periods of time.

The g-Force Rival S does not replace the original g-Force Rival, which remains a better choice for cars that run longer track sessions like driving schools, lapping days and budget endurance races like 24 Hours of LeMons and Chump Car. The Rival S claims enhanced wet traction, but the biggest emphasis is on dry traction, and neither tire is recommended if serious wet traction is required. The Rival tread pattern is not ideally suited for wet weather performance, though they can certainly be driven in the rain if the driver exercises due caution.

g-Force Rival S tires retain a 200 treadwear number, which will keep it legal for most street-tire racing classes. It will be legal for SCCA Solo national events once the required six sizes covering four wheel diameters are available.

We look forward to putting the BFGoodrich g-Force Rival S through its paces once the weather warms up here in South Bend!

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