Which Summer Performance Tire Category is Right for You?

When shopping for summer performance tires, the different categories can be confusing. Extreme Performance Summer, Max Performance Summer and Ultra High Performance Summer, which one is the best choice for your car?

All three categories have the same general goal: high grip and sporty handling undiluted by the requirements of snow traction. However, along with these broad similarities there are definite differences.

Max Performance Summer Tires

Max Performance tires are aimed at the driver who wants the best balance of wet and dry traction. Along with their high performance, they aim to deliver a reasonably quiet ride. Premium cars like Corvettes, Ferraris, Porsches and Aston Martins use Max Performance Summer tires as Original Equipment.

Max Performance Summer tires incorporate the latest technology available from their manufacturers. They are often the most expensive, but for the enthusiast who wants it all, they can be well worth it. 

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Ultra High Performance Summer Tires

Many manufacturers may produce a Max Performance Summer tire as their flagship model and introduce one or more entry level Ultra High Performance Summer models to provide a more accessible price point. This category tends to emphasize excellent performance for the money rather than the best of everything regardless of cost.

These low profile tires are designed to provide a good blend of dry and wet street performance for your sports coupe or sedan.   

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Extreme Performance Summer Tires

Extreme Performance Summer tires are specialists. They are built for the highest possible dry traction. They are decent in the wet due to their sticky compounds, but their low-void-area tread patterns can reduce hydroplaning resistance. Those same tread patterns enhance tread block stability for the highest grip and greatest cornering stability available in a street tire. 

With their emphasis on grip and steering response above all else, Extreme Performance Summer tires are designed to tolerate the rigors of track use. For an enthusiast who might visit an occasional lapping day or driving school, they're a perfect choice.

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