New Wheel Brand: ANDROS

We reANDROS Spec Dcently added the ANDROS brand of wheels to our lineup. The timing is appropriate because the brand is named for the ANDROS Trophy, a French ice racing series. True to their name, they are designed to tackle winter's toughest conditions.

ANDROS wheels are sturdily constructed and feature finishes designed to hold up to the salt and chemicals often found on winter roads. The designs are fairly simple, which makes cleaning easier. Current models are variations on the 5-spoke theme. 

A set of ANDROS wheels combined with winter / snow tires will make an excellent choice for winter driving. While cold, snowy conditions are their primary mission, these simple and durable wheels can be a good option for any climate or road condition. 

Available in a wide variety of bolt patterns and with sizes between 16" and 20", shop by vehicle to see which ANDROS wheel is available for your application.


Tuesday, December 12, 2017 by Ray Wolfgang

Is there a set of locking lug nuts for 18" ANDROS wheels to fit a 2017 RAV4? I bought a set of ANDROS wheels with snow tires for our 2017 RAV4 (Limitied), and they came with their own lug nuts, because the ANDROS lug nut sockets are too small for the OEM lug nuts. I had to buy an adapter so the OEM tire iron will work in an emergency. I do not know what locking lug nuts to buy, and the tire dealer is struggling, too. Many thanks.
Thursday, December 14, 2017 by Tire Rack Team

Ray: We would need to know the model of Andros wheel to research a solution. Call Seth at 888-541-1777, ext. 4177 for assistance.

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