New O.Z. Wheel: O.Z. Quaranta

O.Z. QuarantaHappy birthday O.Z.! O.Z. Racing turns 40 this year, and far from being over the hill, they are still a leader in wheel design and technology. 

To celebrate their 40th anniversary, they have released a new wheel named the Quaranta, which means 'forty' in Italian. A unique design that incorporates elements from 5 spoke and mesh-type wheels, the Quaranta upholds O.Z.'s tradition of Italian style. 

The wheels are made in Italy to O.Z.'s exacting specifications. They are pressure cast from Al Si-7 aluminum alloy and heat treated. Attention to quality control ensures that they conform to international standards for alloy wheels, including the most demanding German TUV requirements.

As a special edition wheel, the Quaranta is available in a limited number of applications: Four-lug wheels are black with machined face in 16" and 17" sizes. Five-lug wheels are grey with machined face, and are available in 17" with one 18" application. 

The Quaranta would make a unique statement as part of your Tire & Wheel Package this summer. To check the wheels that will correctly fit your vehicle, shop by vehicle

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