New Item! Stud Conversion Kits Available for BMWs

Do you frequently swap wheels for your BMW or MINI? Anyone who has made the change has probably noticed that lining up the wheel with the lug holes for proper insertion of lug bolts can be a nuisance. You can fiddle with it freehand, or add one extra tool and an extra step to insert a guide pin into one of the lug holes and slide the wheel over that. Either way, you'll find yourself wishing for the simplicity of a traditional lug stud and lug nut arrangement. 

Whether you're changing winter and summer packages seasonally, or changing from street wheels to track wheels and back, switching from the factory lug bolts to a stud kit will save you time and trouble. Should you happen to cross-thread a nut, the nut and stud can be replaced more easily than a hub that has had a cross-threaded bolt screwed in. 

These kits are currently available in 14x1.25 for models using the fine thread M14 studs. This includes many newer-model BMWs, as well as MINIs built after May 2005. They're available in black (shown above) and polar light

Important Note: Many BMWs used 12x1.5 thread pitch. Make sure to verify the thread specifications for your BMW before ordering or attempting installation.


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