New Car, New Wheels, New Tires

My venerable BMW 325i met its fate a few months ago at the hands of a skidding Honda Pilot, so I got an old BMW 740i to console myself. The wheels from my 325i were the wrong offset for the 740i, so that meant I would have to purchase new wheels and tires for the summer (my snow tires are on the factory wheels).

I got 17" RIAL Salerno wheels with Pirelli PZero Nero All Season tires for my summer package. The RIAL wheels really make the 740i look a lot sportier, and the style fits well with the BMW. They also fit the BMW caps, which is a nice bonus.

The Pirellis ride and handle nicely, but they're exposing the fact that the suspension is a little tired. I told myself I'd keep this car practical, but if you're going to replace something, you may as well upgrade.... Will I succumb to the customization bug once again? Tune in again and find out.

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