Need Wheels for a FIAT 500? ciao Says Hello

ciao WheelsThe FIAT 500 spearheads the return of the FIAT brand to the U.S. market. As the first FIAT to hit the U.S. market after a long hiatus, it does not share its 4-98mm bolt pattern with anything else that is commonly found on our roads. This limits the number of wheels available.

For those looking to further personalize this unique vehicle, Tire Rack has recently added ciao, a brand that makes wheels specifically for the FIAT 500. All of the ciao wheels are a direct fit for the 500 and do not require any special hardware.  

There are four different styles available: Milano, Torino, Vernazza and Roma. All four styles are 17" diameter and are introduced at $189 per wheel. See all available wheel styles and sizes for the FIAT 500 here


Friday, November 23, 2012 by Aaron

I am interested in the purchase of the Milano

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