Need Tires for a Classic MINI?

With the trend for larger wheel diameters, it can be hard to find tires for some of the classic vehicles that used small-diameter wheels. The legendary MINI is a victim of this trend, with virtually no tires available in its usual 10" wheel diameter.

However, there is still at least one excellent option for enthusiast owners: the Yokohama A008. This sticky, handling-oriented tire will enhance the sporting character of your classic MINI. Currently available in the 165/70R10 size with an H-speed rating, this tire is perfect for any sporty driving, including some track and autocross use.

The A008 has been very well liked by the enthusiasts who have installed a set on their vehicle. See what drivers are saying about their experience with the tire.

"These tires are brilliant. The car was transformed, and handles significantly better on the tires these replaced, or my recollection of any MINI tires I had run in the past. Overall, I don't believe there is a better choice for a Classic MINI (unless snows are required)!" -- Tire Rack Consumer Review, 1978 MINI Classic

"Very good tire. It performs well on this little car!" -- Tire Rack Consumer Review, 1978 MINI

"Great tire with lots of good stickiness. Grip is very good. The soft compound makes for good ease into long sweeping curves. 100 predictable!" -- Tire Rack Consumer Review, 2002 MINI Cooper Standard

If you have an old MINI sitting in the garage on aged, dried out tires, breathe some new life into it with a fresh set of sticky tires and rediscover how much fun it can be.

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