My First Car

That feeling when mom and dad no longer need to take you where you want to go and you drive yourself in your car. What a feeling! My #FirsCarMoment not technically with my car, however it was my parent's 1985 Volvo 240 DL. With its cutting edge shoebox inspired styling, finished in a particularly glamorous brown, and powered by a fearsome inline four making roughly 100 horserpower, this unstoppable juggernaut would shape my automotive life for years to come.

With its stately acceleration I could not afford to give up any speed for mere inconveniences like corners. This began the reign of terror of the driftwagon, although we didn't call it that at the time because drifting wasn't actually a thing in 1996. My love of insane cornering forces is in large part responsible for the fact that I am working here at Tire Rack. The fun I could have had with that car on a set of g-Force Rival S.

I remember driving and listening to a crackly rendition of 'Welcome to the Jungle" blasting through the one remaining functional speaker. My girlfriend and I took several drives in this vehicle and she still even agreed to marry me, even though the tire smoke and burning oil weren't her favorite!

What's your #FirstCarMoment?

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