Million Mile Check-Up: Michelin Defender Retains Number One Ranking

Michelin's Defender was introduced to replace both the HydroEdge with Green X and Harmony tires. According to Michelin, the Defender combined the best attributes of the two tires it replaced. Sounds great in theory, but how would it work out in practice?

Early reviews were good and the tire did well during our in-house test. However, how would it hold up over time? Now, with over one million miles of customer survey data reported, it's safe to say that the Defender is a success.

I usually like to withhold final judgment on where a tire will fit into the survey results hierarchy until it has at least a million miles reported. Since most tires do well when they are new, it may take some time for any flaws to appear in the survey results. Many new tires have shot up to number one on the survey results, only to find their true home somewhere toward the middle of the pack once a larger number of miles were reported. 

Other tires may eventually eclipse the Defender as the top tire in the Standard Touring All-Season category, but it looks like the Defender will be holding one of the top spots for quite some time.


Wednesday, March 18, 2015 by Ak Rugged

These tires make the distance on the mileage side but lack in the snow and ice side. Good fuel mileage for the life of the tire. Put 100,000 on the tire before replacing. In deep snow you better not plan on going any ware because the tire will not shed snow. Pretty quite when they were new, started hearing more noise about the 50,000 mile mark. Make sure you rotate them ever 10,000 or sooner.

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