Michelin's Premier Family is Growing

Michelin's Premier A/S is one of the top-rated tires in the Grand Touring All-Season category. It combines the smooth, quiet ride and confident handling we expect from this category, while also offering unique technology that retains better performance as the tire wears down.

Traditionally, as a tire wears down some elements of the tread pattern disappear. Combined with the reduced tread depth, this leads to a noticeable decline in bad-weather traction as the tire nears the end of its life. On the Premier tires, the rain grooves widen as the tire wears down, and new grooves open to help retain better traction on worn tires.

Now Michelin is bringing this technology to trucks and SUVs with the Premier LTX. Using a very similar tread design, the Premier LTX offers the same benefits as the Premier A/S. Currently, there's over a dozen sizes already in stock, with more arriving later this summer. The full line-up of announced sizes range from 16" to 22".

To see if a Premier tire from Michelin is available for your application, shop by vehicle.

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