Kumho's Ecsta V720 is SCCA Eligible

Kumho Ecsta V720 SCCA rules require that tires used in stock classes be available in at least six sizes across four rim diameters by April 30th to be approved for competition. The Kumho Ecsta V720, which had very few sizes available when I wrote "Best Autocross Tires for 2015", made it just in time when Kumho delivered six sizes that span 15" through 18" rim diameters.

Kumho's Ecsta V720 is another exciting entry into the Extreme Performance Summer category. It utilizes high-grip synthetic resin and ultra-fine carbon black in the tread compound, while the asymmetric tread pattern delivers exceptional dry traction and competent wet traction. Their ESCOT "tension control optimization" technology optimizes the shape of the contact patch for enhanced performance and superior durability.

Shop by vehicle to see if the Kumho Ecsta V720 is available for your application.

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