Kosei K4R Real World Reviews

Kosei has a long history of building lightweight wheels at affordable prices. Their latest offering is the K4R. This 9-spoke wheel has been available for over a year, so we have been able to collect some real world feedback from customers who have put this wheel through its paces under demanding conditions. Below you will find quotes taken from customers about their experience with the Kosei K4R:

"I bought these for my fourth-generation Civic racer, as they are nearly half the weight of the wheel I had before. They are an excellent quality wheel and seemed to take the punishment of racing in their stride."

"The rim is a great value, very light and very easy to clean. I recommend these rims for anyone with 2008+ STI looking for a 17'' winter set-up."

"Fitment is great, as is improved handling - with the lighter unsprung weight (~4lbs. a corner) the car glides better over rougher surfaces and is more planted. Took it to MSR Houston roadcourse on 6/21 and had a blast...no issues whatsoever with the wheels on the track."

It's a tribute to the design and engineering expertise of Kosei that they can make a lightweight wheel that holds up both to the extremes of the race track and the punishment of winter weather. To accomplish this at a price that is highly affordable (range from $144 to $199 depending on size) is even more commendable. Wheel weight is between 11 and 16 lbs. depending on size and vehicle application.

The K4R is available in a limited number of fitments, so before you finalize your wheel buying decision, shop by vehicle to confirm if the K4R will fit your car.

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