Just Installed: PIAA Plasma Ion Yellow Fog Lights

PIAA Ion Yellow H3I just finished installation of the PIAA Plasma Ion Yellow bulbs for the fog lights in my BMW. One of my fog lights had gone bad, so naturally it was time for an upgrade.

While I enjoy the ultra-bright white of the PIAA Xtreme White Plus bulbs, the yellow-colored bulbs reflect less when used in fog, making them more practical. We do get some mornings with heavy fog, so the enhanced functionality won out over my desire to perfectly match my fog lights to my headlights. Installation was easy, and the PIAA bulbs came packaged in a protective plastic box that made it simple to pick them up without touching the glass. This is key because any oils or debris on the glass can shorten the bulb's life.

The yellowish color ended up looking pretty good as well. I'll be excited to see how much they enhance my visibility in foggy weather.

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