How to Tell if a Recommended Installer Does Road Force Balancing

For some vehicles, anything less than perfect balancing of wheels and tires can result in unpleasant vibration at certain speeds. One of the best tools for getting rid of this vibration is Road Force balancing. This advanced balancing spins the tire against a roller to account for any variation in stiffness of the tire's sidewall. It's common for there to be a stiff spot in the sidewall, which can cause a ride disturbance even if a wheel and tire are perfectly balanced for weight.

How do you find which of our Recommended Installers offer this service? It's easy. Go to the "Installation" section on our website, which is accessible at the top of our homepage or from this link. You will need to enter your ZIP code to see a list of nearby installers. Next, you'll see a map with installer locations and a list of installers. To the left of the map, there is a series of check boxes under "Product Services". Second to last on the list is "Road Force Balance". Check that box, then hit the "Update Results" button. Now the map and list will be showing only installers that offer Road Force balancing.

To see the cost of Road Force balancing, click on the "Select/More" button for the installer of your choice. Under "Optional Premium Services", you will see a list near the bottom of the page that shows the install cost.

For more information about using our Recommend Installer program, take a look at "Shipping to a Recommended Installer" and "How to Calculate Your Installation Cost at a Recommended Installer."

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