How to Know What Tire Size You Have

If you are thinking about ordering tires, it's vital to know which size you have. While our website will suggest the known 'standard' sizes for your vehicle, there is always a chance that your car has a special wheel and tire size or had a custom package installed by a previous owner or dealer. There is no substitute for knowing what is actually on your vehicle. 

Not sure what tire size you have? No problem, it's easy to check. The tire size is printed right on the sidewall of your tires. While the font, size and location of the different sidewall markings may vary, it will look something like this:

Sidewall Markings

Knowing your size will allow you to shop with confidence and ensures you're getting the correct information about price and availability.  

For more information on tire sizing systems see our detailed and technical article entitled "Tire Size Guide." 

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