How to Calculate Your Installation Cost at a Recommended Installer

Installing a TireOur Recommended Installer's page is designed to help make installing the tires you get from us simple and convenient. To learn about choosing an installer, take a look at "Updates to Our Recommended Installer Page Help You Find Your Ideal Installer."

All of our Recommended Installers take part in our Price Pledge program, meaning that they promise to accurately display their installation costs on our site and stick to them. Not all installers have the same prices, but they all must adhere to the prices they publish.

Enter your ZIP code to see the list of installers in your area. All of the pricing for mounting and balancing is based on the tire's aspect ratio, which is the middle number of the tire size. If your tire size is 205/55R16, your aspect ratio is 55. Therefore, you would look at the pricing line for "50-55 Series" tires. If you are not sure of your tire size, it will be indicated on the side of your tires.

Here is an example of an installer pricing guide. This is for installation at our South Bend headquarters. Note that the basic installation/balance pricing is on the left hand side.

The right hand column of an installer listing is for "Additional Services." Not all of these will necessarily apply. Valve stems are normally replaced when changing tires. Some cars may have valve mounted tire pressure monitoring sensors (TPMS). In that case, disregard the valve stem charge. You may need to have the sensors serviced, in which case you would include the pricing for TPMS service instead.

Tires for larger trucks may be subject to additional cost, and the same goes for run-flat tires. Be sure to factor these charges into the cost if applicable.

Many shops will have a disposal fee to handle proper recycling of your old tires. This does not apply if you are keeping your old tires or disposing of them yourself. Some shops will have a shop fee to cover miscellaneous materials and shop overhead.

When reading the tables, you will often encounter N/C or N/A. N/C means that the service is included at no cost with the regular installation price. N/A means that the service is not offered by that installer. For example, if the line for Run-Flat Tire Service reads N/C, that means the shop installs run-flat tires for the same price as regular tires. If it says N/A, that means the installer does not handle run-flat tire installation.

If you need additional services not listed on the basic pricing table, click on the installer that you are interested in. You will see an expanded view with more services listed, as well as the contact information for the installer. If the service you want is not priced on the expanded table, you can check with the installer directly.

While there are many items to consider, our Recommended Installer page puts everything right in front of you so you can easily compare costs among the different installation options.


Sunday, March 11, 2018 by jim

Does your South Bend Indiana HQ offer standard mount and balance tire service? Can I pre-order and pay for tires and then drive my car to that location and have them mounted and balanced?
Friday, March 16, 2018 by Tire Rack Team

Jim, yes, our South Bend facility has a retail bay that does mount and balancing. You can order online or call in to set it up.

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