Getting Ready for Spring

When I took my summer tires off this past fall, I discovered a nail in one of the tires. It was stuck in so deeply that it was below the level of the tread and was straight in the middle of the tire. Since I wasn't using that tire for the winter, there was no rush to take care of it. However, now that the weather is warming up, I am installing my summer performance tires again. 

This week, I had the tire taken off and inspected. Luckily, there was no further damage and the tire was able to be plugged and patched. The internal patch is important for a long-term repair. A simple plug can be forced out over time, but a patch and plug should last the life of the tire. For more information on repairing a punctured tire, read "Flat Tire Repairs."

Spring is one of the best times to be a driving enthusiast. Winter / snow tires are great at what they do, but aren't nearly as fun to drive on dry pavement as performance tires. 

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