Eibach Pro-Kit Spring Set vs Sportline Spring Set: Which to Choose?

Eibach springs are one of our most popular suspension products. For most applications, Eibach offers both Pro-Kit and Sportline springs. Which one is best? The answer, as always, depends on what you are looking for.

The Pro-Kit is an excellent blend of ride and handling. Moderate lowering, usually an inch to an inch and a half, gives a sportier appearance but does not look radically customized. Since the lowering is not extreme, special alignment kits are generally not required. The ride is firmer than stock, but still comfortable. The feel is generally similar to the sportier end of what factory sport packages are like. For an enthusiast looking to enhance the fun-factor of their daily driver, this options is usually just right.

The Sportline gives more substantial lowering, usually more than an inch and a half, and often two inches or more. A more aggressive drop means that the springs need to be stiffer. While still meant for street driving, they're suited to a more hardcore enthusiast. The additional lowering may require special alignment parts, particularly a camber kit, in order to maintain proper alignment specs.

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