Dunlop Sport Maxx Race: DOT-Legal Track Tire Expands Size Lineup

The Dunlop Sport Maxx Race is a racing tire that is street legal. Unlike some other race tires that are DOT-legal but not intended for road use, the Sport Maxx Race is able to be driven to and from the track. This tire performs excellently on dry roads and was introduced as the stock tire for the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Black Series. Dunlop has recently expanded their offerings for the widths ranging from 235mm to 325mm.

These tires are a class up from Extreme Performance Summer tires that offer a balance of street longevity and track performance. The Dunlops are more track focused and have less longevity on the street. While we haven't had the opportunity to test the Sport Maxx Race yet, we have received some very positive customer feedback. In a recent review, one owner writes:

"Though it is soft and wears quickly, it is actually quite comfortable and not very loud at all. I have two sets of wheels/tires; one for the street and another for track. Other than the price and how quickly they wear, I can't find a single fault with this tire. It is designed for the track, and is only DOT-certified so that you can drive your car to the track, instead of trailering it there. The Sport Maxx is the best tire of its kind, in my experience."

While it's definitely not a tire for everyone based on price and limited treadlife, it could be just the ticket for a dedicated enthusiast. View available sizes to see if the Dunlop Sport Maxx Race is an option for your vehicle.

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