Driving Impressions: Yokohama ADVAN Sport

Yokohama ADVAN SportWith 17" wheels on my BMW 740i, the 235/55R17 Yokohama ADVAN Sport has become my latest summer tire.

When we tested these tires, we found that their greatest strength was in wet weather. That capability has been nice during our rainy spring weather. The hydroplaning resistance is even better than I anticipated. When I intentionally put a wheel into standing water at medium speed, like a child stomping in a puddle, there was barely any of the usual tug on the wheel. 

Another virtue we discovered in testing that becomes more evident with a few weeks of driving is the ride quality. The ADVAN Sport is very smooth for a tire of its performance level. Running a couple hours down and back to the Indianapolis 500 let me experience a smooth, benign ride quality that some of my previous tire selections could not match. 

Compared to its predecessor, the Yokohama AVS Sport, the ADVAN Sport is much more civilized. In the past, I have complained that they should have retained more of the edgy character of the AVS Sport, but I think I am starting to understand the logic behind the change.

On a car like my 740, the ADVAN Sport really comes into its own. It makes sense now that this would be a tire designated as Bentley original equipment. It is not a razor-edged, race-inspired tire, taking on instead the role of a civilized performer that mixes luxury with sports car levels of grip. If this sounds like the right mix for your vehicle and driving style, view available sizes and pricing.

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