Continental ExtremeContact DWS: Performance with Snow Traction

Continental ExtremeContact DWSEvery all-season tire is a compromise. The design attributes that make a tire good for wet traction, dry traction and snow traction are different, so a tire attempting to balance all three tends not to be the best in any one category.

There are, however, some tires that strike a better balance of these attributes than others. The Continental ExtremeContact DWS is one that delivers enough summer handling to keep all but the most demanding of enthusiasts satisfied, while giving some legitimate snow traction. 

These Continental car tires have held their own in summer tire tests that we have performed, and during a winter test of Ultra High Performance All-Season tires they proved to have a clear advantage over their competitors. While these tires are not equal to dedicated winter / snow tires when it comes to ice and snow traction, they offer some of the best winter traction within the all-season tire category. View "Winter Testing at the Arctic Circle: Ultra High Performance All-Season" to see how the DWS performed against other all-season options.

The "DWS" in the name refers to Dry, Wet, and Snow traction. There are wear indicators molded into the tread of the tire showing the recommended tread depth for optimal traction in each set of conditions. Snow requires the most tread depth for effective traction, followed by wet and then dry conditions. 

If you are looking for an all-season option or even a set of Continental truck tires (as the tire is an option for sport trucks) that will give some solid snow traction but deliver reasonably sporty handling all year, check the available sizes and pricing for the ExtremeContact DWS.


Monday, December 12, 2011 by Michael

I wish they were available in 215/60 16.
Seeing as the sidewalls are notoriously flexible, maybe I could substitute 225/55 16 instead.

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