Cold Weather is Here, Check Your Tire Pressure

Intercomp Air Pressure GaugeAs we transition to cooler weather in much of the Northern Hemisphere, now is a good time to check your tire pressure. Tire pressures are set at ambient temperature, and a 10 degree drop in ambient temperature drops your tire pressure roughly 1 psi. So a tire that was set perfectly at 75 degrees would automatically be 3 psi lower at 45 degrees. A little air always escapes over time, and with our busy lives we often neglect checking tire pressure. Between a drop in temperature and a month of neglect, a tire can easily be 5 psi lower than normal or more before you know it. 

For details on how to properly set your tire pressure, read "Air Pressure: When and How to Set."

I just picked up a new Intercomp 2.5" Deluxe Air Pressure Gauge (pictured at left) to help me keep track of my tire pressure. It is easy to use, solidly constructed and made in the USA. The handy bleed valve lets me simplify filling my tires. I put in a little more air pressure than I need, then bleed it down to the exact pressure that I want. No trial and error of adding and letting out air and checking multiple times, just fill, check, bleed and be done. 


Wednesday, October 16, 2013 by John Michel

I am interest in purchasing a high pressure tire gauge made in the USA and from no where else. Please let me know if the gauge you show on your cold weather alert is made in the USA. Are all of your car products made in the USA?
Wednesday, October 16, 2013 by ben@tirerack

Hi John, as mentioned above, the Intercomp gauge pictured in this post is made in the USA. We carry products from a wide variety of brands and manufacturers, so not all of them are made here.

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