Are All Dunlop Direzza Tires Created Equal?

Dunlop Direzza ZII The Dunlop Direzza family of tires is focused on performance and handling. Models have included the Direzza Z1, Direzza ZII, Direzza DZ101 and Direzza DZ102. All of these featured summer compounds and directional tread patterns. Despite these similarities, there are some very distinct differences between them.

There are two primary branches of the Direzza family. One is in the Extreme Performance Summer category. The Direzza Z1, Z1 Star Spec and ZII Star Spec are successive iterations along this line. They are focused on extremely high levels of dry traction and are suitable for street use, autocross and light track use. The change from Z1 to ZII was a change of tread pattern and construction. The Star Spec variants are updates to the compound for each version. Tires on this side of the family are for hardcore enthusiasts and amateur racers who are willing to sacrifice longevity, economy and civility for maximum performance.

The Direzza DZ101 and DZ102 represent the more approachable side of the family. The DZ102 has replaced the DZ101, but there are still a few of the older models left. These tires are aimed at enthusiasts looking for a good value in a street tire. Rather than go all out for dry handling, they balance wet and dry traction along with better treadlife in normal driving conditions. Classified in the Ultra High Performance Summer category, these tires are perfect for the value-conscious enthusiast.

While the names may be similar, and the designs have some elements in common, the missions of the Direzza family members are quite different. It's not recommended to mix them on the same vehicle, as this could result in undesirable or unpredictable handling. Choose the one that suits you best and install them on all four corners.

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