American Racing Authentic Hot Rod Torq-Thrust 2.1

If you areAmerican Racing Authentic Hot Rod Torq-Thrust 2.1 looking for a wheel for your older hot rod or muscle car, then the American Racing Authentic Hot Rod Torq-Thrust 2.1 is definitely one to consider. Whereas most wheels that are being made today come in the higher offsets used by modern vehicles, the Torq-Thrust is available in the lower offsets needed by classic cars.  

The Torq-Thrust 2.1 comes in a polished aluminum finish. While a polished wheel does require some extra care and cleaning to retain its original shine, it will never peel, chip or bubble. And a polished wheel, when cared for properly, will provide a beautiful shine for years to come. 

For those looking to do a staggered tire fitment, the Torq-Thrust 2.1 does offer multiple widths in the 15" and 17" sizes, allowing for the use of wider rear tires.  

To check the availability of the Torq-Thrust 2.1 for your vehicle, click here and then enter your vehicle. We have not had all the classic cars in for fitment testing, so if you do not see your vehicle listed, contact one of our sales specialists for assistance.


Saturday, August 4, 2012 by Tena Pullens

need to know if you carry these for a 69 Camaro 17" American Racing Torq Thrust ][ Polished 505s
Front: 17x8 (4.75" backspacing) - 5x4.75 pattern (American Racing 505-7863)
Back: 17x9.5 (5.5" backspacing) - 5x4.75 pattern (American Racing TT2 custom trying to sneak around with out my husband knowing
Monday, August 6, 2012 by ben@tirerack

Hi Tena, the 505 was the Original Torq-Thrust II. Those have been replaced by the Torq Thrust 2.1, which is nearly identical. Those are 515 part numbers. We have 5157863, which is 17x8 w/ 4.75" backspace and 5x4.75" bolt pattern. We do not have a 9.5" wide with 5.5" backspace. The 17x9.5" that we have has 6.5" backspace.

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