AIRAID Cold Air Intake System Coming Soon for FR-S and BRZ

The sporty new Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ have arrived. Equipped with an agile, lightweight chassis, rear-wheel drive and a 200HP boxer engine, these cars are a lot of fun. However, for car enthusiasts, there's always the urge to add a little something extra. 

In the case of the FR-S and BRZ, an obvious upgrade is more power. Given their light weight, 200HP is enough to give spirited performance, but for some drivers the quest for more power is inevitable.

To support that goal, AIRAID has developed a new cold air intake system for the FR-S and BRZ. The new intake will be part of their MXP Series featuring a roto-molded airbox, free-flowing intake tube and a durable SynthaMax filter. SynthaMax filters require no oil -- simple washing with mild soap and water will restore them to their full performance potential. 

A cold air intake is a great first upgrade for a new car. It's easy enough to install that the average enthusiast can put one in on a weekend afternoon with common tools. The reduced intake restriction will provide a slightly more aggressive engine note and a moderate power upgrade. Free-flowing intakes will also help maximize the gains realized from any future engine tuning. 

We currently expect to have these intakes available to ship in late August or early September. 

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