Accutire Air Gauges: Which One is Best?

Accutire Racing Air GaugeProper inflation helps tires last longer, as well as improve the fuel economy and handling of your vehicle. Modern vehicles have TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems), which sound an alarm when a tire is significantly low. So an air gauge is still an important piece of equipment for any driver, but which one is right for you? Sometimes too many choices can seem overwhelming. Within just one brand, Accutire, we have several tire gauges available. While they all work well, they do have different features to distinguish them from each other.

The Digital Set Point Programmable Air Gauge is our best-seller. It can be programmed to remember your vehicle's recommended pressures, has a clean, ergonomic design and is moderately priced. If you are still on the fence after researching all the options, this is the one to choose.

The ABS Coated Air Gauge has the highest maximum pressure reading of 150 psi. Its design is rugged and utilitarian. The readout on the side means you do not have to change your grip to read the pressure. If you like to keep things simple, this is your gauge.

The Digital Pencil Air Gauge has the slim design of an old, stick-style gauge, but is updated to incorporate an easy-to-read digital display. On the back end, it has a tread depth gauge, giving this gauge the ability to measure two key aspects of a tire's road-worthiness. It is the least expensive of the Accutire gauges. If you have limited space or budget, this multi-function gauge is an excellent choice. Are you obsessive about air pressure?

The Racing Air Gauge may be your match. It measures pressure all the way down to zero in 0.1 psi increments.  It has a bleed valve to allow precise release of excess pressure. This gauge is a step up in price, but is worth it for those who race, or who want the most exact measurement and control of their tires' air pressure.

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