Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Michelin Primacy MXM4

Exceeded the millage warranty as I travel regularly in my auto, and found they are ready to be replaced. I do drive spirited and up and down Hwy I95 daily. These tires have held up really well compared to factory installed Goodyears. They are now getting noisy but again over the warranty, drove in both dry and wet weather and had great traction in both.Just...  Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Kumho Solus KL21

Yes even though most tire stores in Colorado by where I live told me to not put Kumho Tires on none of them knew I worked in the tire store / auto repair industry for almost 30 years. These tires are awesome on my vehicle!   Read More

Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Kumho Ecsta LE Sport

I purchased a set of these tires for my '88 Toyota Supra in staggered sizes: 235/45R17 Front, 255/40R17 Rear My car is summer only, and used as a fun car and not a daily driver. I wanted a set of performance tires that weren't so expensive that I would feel bad doing a track day, auto-x, or a smoky burnout. These tires fill that gap quite well.There's no...  Read More

Do You Have the Three Tools Needed to Remove Your Wheels and Tires?

There are many cases where it can be useful to remove your wheels and tires yourself.  Installing your new Tire & Wheel Package from Tire Rack Performing your annual change over from your winter wheel/tire set-up to your summer wheel/tire set-up or visa versa Changing brake pads, brake rotors or brake lines Inspecting or maintaining axle hubs Rotating your ti...  Read More

Installation is Even Easier!

Concerned about where to have your new tires installed? No worries, we have an extensive list of Recommended Installers who are ready to handle your installation needs at a great price. Also, this list just got quite a bit larger!    We are pleased to announce that all 800+ Sears Auto Center locations have joined our Recommended Installer program as...  Read More

When Should I Put on My Winter / Snow Tires?

While winter is not quite here for most, it is coming. Is it too early to install your winter / snow tires? I get this question often and the answer varies depending on a few factors. In my opinion, the most important issues to consider are climate and the type of winter / snow tire that you're using. Climate is arguably the most important factor in deciding...  Read More

Not Enough Space in Your Garage?

After you buy auto tires for the summer and winter driving season, what is the best way to store the extra set that is not in use? Providing a seamless look for tire storage, the Tire Garage keeps tires up to 27" in diameter organized while freeing up extra space in your garage.Keeps tires clean and dry Protects tires from UV degradation Universal fit due to...  Read More

Maintain Mobility in the Event a Tire is Punctured

Auto manufacturers have eliminated the spare tire in many of their new models, opting instead for the use of run-flat tires or a portable tire repair kit. So far the trend has been most prevalent with higher-end vehicles, however General Motors recently introduced its new compact car, the Chevrolet Cruze sans spare tire.Car makers today believe that the...  Read More

It's National Tire Safety Week!

Yep, that's right! This week is devoted to the tires on your vehicle. It's all about keeping them in top condition so that your safety on the road is never compromised. Proper tire care is extremely simple and truly very easy. And as one of your favorite auto tire stores, Tire Rack is more than willing to help out with expert tire safety tips and...  Read More

Auto Tire Stores: Who Do You Trust?

When it comes time to buy tires online, your options are wide open. There are a number of auto tire stores online, and as you click from one to the next, you'll find information—and sometimes, a complete lack thereof. But when you visit Tire Rack, you'll get all of the information you want from a car tire dealer—and then some—in a user friendly format: one...  Read More

Sharing Tire Information

When I started selling tires in 1988 they were almost exclusively found in a store and it was difficult to find performance tires.                                                                                                           (Tire Ad from the 90s)The Tire Rack was different. We offered in-depth adviceon the best tires for a customers driving...  Read More