What type of driver are you?

When talking to customers on the phone I sometimes get the question, "What tires should I get for my vehicle?" It's a valid question. Some vehicles, like Porsches, require a performance tire. But the majority of vehicles aren't sports cars and can use various types of tires. For these customers I answer their question with a question. "What type of driver are you?"

There are essentially two types of drivers. There is the aggressive driver -- I like to call them spirited drivers. They like to go faster rather than slower. They take sharp turns at faster speeds, and will easily pass another vehicle on the bypass. For this type of driver you definitely want a Max Performance tire. You get softer tread compounds for better traction and handling response, as well as higher speed rated tires that give you a stiffer sidewall for when you take those hard, sharp turns. You want a firm sidewall that will hold the weight of the vehicle and not feel loose and soft.  The drawback of the Max Performance tire is the soft tread compound. They wear quicker than your conventional touring tire.

The conservative driver is the total opposite of the aggressive driver. They take their time and are in no hurry to get somewhere. They don't drive hard and don't push the tires to the limit. Their main concern is a smooth and quiet ride. For them the Grand Touring All-Season category is where they'll find the optimal tire. These tires have a harder tread compound and the tread designs are designed for a smoother and quieter ride. Best of all, these tires average at least 60K miles. You get more for your money. 

When looking for tires, unless you have a specific vehicle that calls for a specific tire, don't consider what tire would be best for your car.  Rather, ask what tire will best suit your driving habits and needs. Using this formula increases the chances of making a better choice not only for you, but for your vehicle as well.

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