When Wet Traction Matters

Earlier this week, I was driving home from work in the pouring rain. Since most of my driving to and from work is on the bypass, I get very apprehensive about driving in the rain. My last set of tires had horrible wet traction and was susceptible to hydroplaning and sliding when coming on and off the bypass. Regardless of whether you are looking for a perform...  Read More

What type of driver are you?

When talking to customers on the phone I sometimes get the question, "What tires should I get for my vehicle?" It's a valid question. Some vehicles, like Porsches, require a performance tire. But the majority of vehicles aren't sports cars and can use various types of tires. For these customers I answer their question with a question. "What type of driver...  Read More

Getting the most miles from your performance tires

I recently talked with a guy who owned a C06 Corvette. He was looking for a Max Performance Summer tire. The question he asked is one that I'm getting more often, particularly from those drivers who own high performance sports cars or high-end luxury vehicles. They ask, "Can I get a performance tire that lasts longer?"Summer performance tires, like the...  Read More

Arnold who?

Hi, my name is Arnold and I work at Tire Rack. We specialize in tires, wheels, and suspension parts for today's vehicles. I have been a sales specialist for over two years, but have always had an interest in cars and trucks.  One of my fondest memories is spending time with my father when I was 7 yrs. old fixing his 69' Chevelle. I remember those were some...  Read More