Survey data part 1: Great idea, but not foolproof...

I get lots of questions about our customer survey data and making sense of it. Here are a few examples.

Can I cross compare survey categories, or tires?

Sure you could, but bear in mind different customers have submitted each survey. What tire did they have before as a bench mark? Tire reviews can be skewed and are one individual’s experience.

What vehicle do they have?
Check out this tire's survey score variance of 5-10, depending on vehicle.

What shape was their vehicle in, particularly suspension/alignment condition?
Check out a detailed explanation of alignment and its effect on tire wear.

How often, if ever, did they rotate tires?
A lack of rotating your tires can make them noisy. Check out rotation recommendations here.

These factors can all dramatically influence a tire's perception. These anomalies get smoothed out over the thousands of surveys and millions of miles.

When we test, it's on 3-4 identical vehicles. We test back-to-back, meaning all the test cars are run through the track or road loop sequentially. Same vehicles, same driving conditions, same rotation schedule.

It allows me to cross compare tires with 1st hand authority!

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