STOP : in the name of satisfaction.

What are you looking for from your brakes?

Less dust, more stopping power, longer wear?

The answer I commonly get is "YES"

Like most things in life, brakes come with trade-offs.

There really isn't one perfect combination that suits all applications, but our performance categories and the characteristics associated with each can help you make your choice.

Are you looking for better stopping power or less dust? Typically when a pad makes less, and lighter colored dust it won't stop the car as quickly as one that may have more and darker dust.

Are you trying to avoid a problem you have with your current brake system? Shudder, warp, squeak? Do your brakes give up stopping power when you need it most? Cryogenic freezing a brake rotor can increase durability and help to resist warping. I have used three to four sets of pads per one set of frozen rotors before minimum thickness was achieved.

The number one issue I see with brakes is the way we use our brakes. We're taught to brake progressively - soft at first and then apply more pressure to the brakes as we slow to a stop. This method will increase pressure on the brakes as they heat up.

It is much healthier for brakes to brake regressively – use the most pedal force right away and less pedal force as you slow to a stop. This method will release the brake systems' hydraulic grip on your rotors as their temperature increases.

The rotor's secondary function, aside from giving the pads a place to leave their transfer film, is as a radiator to dissipate the thermal energy that was transferred to them as the brakes are used — kinetic energy prevented from being transferred to thermal energy = stopping power.

Many people look for track-type brake pads for their cars. If you use this sort of brake on the street, they will not achieve their operating temperature. They will be noisy, dusty, and abusive to your wheels – although, on the track and at temperature they are pretty amazing!

Inspect your brakes regularly especially before track use!

The same logic applies to towing. Unless you are constantly towing, a super duty pad may be overkill.

A healthy braking process, threshold braking, can be learned and perfected in track driving education schools.

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