Better Ride with Bridgestone's RE960AS Pole Position RFT

Bridgestone Potenza RE960AS Pole Position RFTI was thoroughly impressed with the advances Bridgestone's made in their next generation of run-flat tires. With my time behind the wheel, I was able to test the Potenza RE960AS Pole Position RFT in dry conditions and on our wet test track.

Driving with and without air pressure on the street, the tire without air pressure felt strikingly similar to the fully inflated set. In fact, on the track it really shined, coming in a close second to its non-run-flat counterpart.

The tread design was a proven winner, particularly in wet conditions with the help of Bridgestone's UNI-T technology. As the tire wears, its wet traction maintains as the silica infused lower level compound is exposed.

One of the innovative features of the tire is Bridgestone's Cooling Fin Design molded into the tire's sidewall. A tire's number one enemy is heat build up, case in point is when running without air pressure. The sidewall tends to build up a large amount of heat with no air and the Cooling Fin Design helps to lower sidewall temperatures.

For a full test report, review "Is the Third Generation Bridgestone Potenza RE960AS Pole Position RFT 3G Run-Flat the Charm?"


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