Michelin Pilot Super Sport: Best Handling Max Performance Summer Tire?

High performance tires derive their technology directly from the manufactures' motorsports activities. The tire technology is a game of leap frog and Michelin has set the bar impressively high with the Pilot Super Sport.


The steering response I felt was very confidence-inspiring. It felt as if the car was on rails, specifically through the slalom section of our test track. Around the skidpad I was able to feel how easily this tire modulated at the slip angle.


When driving on the original Pilot Sport, I felt the tire offered razor quick turn-in response, but once you had crossed the limit, it was a matter of recovery vs. modulation. The PS2, like a pendulum, swung back to a very easy modulate feeling, which was a welcomed improvement over the first-generation tire. With the Pilot Super Sport, Michelin was able to strike a fantastic balance! The turn-in is lively, while the grip is very easy to predict and work with in aggressive-driving scenarios.


I did find the ride quality of the Pilot Super Sport to be firmer on the street than the previous models. It was a trade-off I was more than willing to make given its performance attributes. The tire also eclipsed its competition in wet conditions, which was a welcomed surprise. If you're looking for the best handling street tire, with a 30,000-mile treadwear warranty (another first for a Max Performance Summer tire), look no further than the Michelin Pilot Super Sport. To see how the tire performed during our testing, view "Clash of the Titans: Testing Two New Max Performance Summer Heavy Hitters."

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