Keep Your Windshield Clear in the Rain

Aquapel Glass TreatmentIf you have ever used a Rain-X product and felt it helped your vision in the rain, then you should take a look at Aquapel Glass Treatment. The primary advantage Aquapel has over Rain-X is durability. It's been my experience that Rain-X lasts a few weeks.
However, when I used Aquapel Glass Treatment on my vehicles, I noticed it lasted for about six months while reducing the friction that makes a wiper blade judder as it wipes. The key when applying Aquapel is to apply when the temperature is at least 40 degrees or higher. Personally, Aquapel is one of my favorite automotive products and is much easier to buff back off the window than Rain-X.

A good set of wiper blades will also help provide excellent visibility. I have enjoyed the performance of Valeo wiper blades. Typically, my blades last about 18 months even though I'm very picky about how well they work. One huge safety advantage of Aquapel is how well the windshield will bead water. Viewing the picture above, you can see how the product gives drivers the peace of mind when driving during rainy conditions.   

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