Driving Light Upgrades: A Difference You Can See

Have you ever felt your headlights were not up to the task they once were? Incandescent lights tend to get dimmer as they age. Some of the following bulb options from PIAA and Hella will be able to improve the lighting capabilities of your vehicle:

PIAA 9005 Intense White Bulbs
PIAA 9005 Intense
White Bulbs
PIAA H4 Super Plasma GT-X
PIAA H4 Super Plasma
PIAA Plasma Ion Yellow H3 55W
PIAA Plasma Ion Yellow H3 55W

The PIAA 9005 Intense White Bulbs produce a radiant white beam without a hint of blue. With improved performance and longer life, these bulbs increase output and burn at a much cooler temperature. The H4 Super Plasma GT-X creates light output that is greater than the bulb's rated power consumption and is street-legal in Canada and all 50 U.S. states. While the Plasma Ion Yellow are a great way to improve visibility in inclement weather including extreme fog.

Another great option is the Hella 500 series driving lights, which I have equipped on my Volvo. I use the 500's adjusted slightly higher and wider than my low beams. They are excellent at helping me see objects as I drive down the rural roads of Indiana and Michigan.

To gain a better understanding of what bulbs work best for your vehicle, read "What is the Kelvin Scale and Which Bulb Value Should I Choose?"

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