Breyton and Porsche: An Exciting Partnership with Race GTSR-PF

Breyton has been a high-end BMW parts tuner for nearly twenty years. During this time, they've focused on making some of the most attractive and sought after wheels for BMW vehicles; and in more recent years have been developing some great options for MINI. Looking to broaden their market, the BE brand brought the classic look to many other applications beyond the 5-120 bolt circle.

Breyton has traditionally manufactured their styles in the cast construction method, which allowed them to offer this look for an affordable price. Creating painted and machine finished wheels for years, the newer Breyton models have taken a new direction. Now available in a PF version, the Race GTSR-PF wheels feature a beautiful and highly durable anodized finish. Featuring a cold, one-piece forged construction, this wheel follows Porsche's premium sports car market position by providing the vehicle with a premium and durable wheel offering.

Race GTSR-PF Black
GTSR-PF Silver
Race GTSR-PF Silver

To get a mix of style and performance for your vehicle, view all Breyton wheels.


Saturday, May 27, 2017 by michell

Do you have one Breyton Race gts-r 18" black with Red undercut wheel?
Tuesday, May 30, 2017 by Tire Rack Team


Unfortunately we have completely sold out of those wheels.

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