When to Put on Winter Tires

Winter is coming! You already purchased your Winter / Snow Tire & Wheel Package and had your vehicle maintenance reviewed by a recommended installer. However, you still want to know when's the perfect time to install your winter tires.

Ideally, the best time to put your winter wheels and tires on is when the temperatures during your commute are regularly below 45 degrees. For the majority of the country, that time happens around mid-November. The time to take them off happens once the temperatures during your commute are steadily above 45 degrees. For most, this happens around mid-April. It's important to note that if your winter tires are new this year, you're going to need time to break them in.

If you are mounting your wheels and tires yourself, be sure to check tire pressures and set to factory specifications. Also, check your wheels and tires to ensure they're torqued properly using a torque wrench.

Do not wait to purchase your winter wheels and tires. Inventory is limited throughout the year, and once a tire is gone for the winter season, you'll have to choose a different option.

To store your summer wheels and tires, consider one of our storage solutions. Tire Rack Tire Totes make a great way to transport and store wheels and tires. Another option to consider is a Tire Garage to cover your wheels and tires as they sit in your basement or garage as the winter months pass. 

To help you get prepared for winter, check out "Winter: Get Ready and Be Prepared."

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