Tires Make an Impact

As part of the TireWise campaign, the White House released a fact sheet regarding tires and how they impact travel safety and the environment. In this fact sheet, it states that every year there are roughly 11,000 tire-related vehicle crashes. In one day last year, the Colorado Department of Transportation assisted in 22 drivers that spun out and blocked traffic. Nineteen of those drivers had bald tires, according to the Colorado DOT. Many of these incidents can be avoided with simple, proper care of tires and use on your vehicle.

The White House fact sheet also makes a point that if 10 million drivers keep their tires properly inflated, it would save nearly $500 million dollars and 1.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide pollution. This does not take into account the potential tire-related vehicle crashes it could save. Low rolling resistance tires can also make an impact on the environment, and drivers could save up to $80 per year in fuel costs and can avoid up to 560 pounds of carbon dioxide pollution, when properly used. For more information on low rolling resistance tires, take a look at "Fuel Efficiency and Your Vehicle."

Always be #thinkingabouttires before you hit the road by checking your tires' pressure!


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