Fuel Efficiency and Your Vehicle

As part of the TireWise program, the Department of Transportation will finalize a rule to establish a tire fuel efficiency information program so drivers can identify the most energy-efficient tires. To help you better understand fuel efficiency and how a low rolling resistance tire can help, take a look at "Low Rolling Resistance Tires."

A key way to increase your vehicle's efficiency is to change what hits the road - your tires. As the tire market begins to offer more low rolling resistance options, the decision on what to use becomes more focused. In many sizes, Michelin even offers a winter tire with low rolling resistance capabilities with their the X-Ice Xi3.

When it comes to all-season tires, a few of the best tires with low rolling resistance are:

Using an aftermarket wheel that weighs less than your factory wheel is another easy way to increase vehicle efficiency. The best way to find a lightweight wheel is to search by your vehicle's year, make and model, then sort by weight. This will show the lightest wheels first. A few of the popular lighter weighted wheels include:

It is critical to understand that other factors like vehicle maintenance and driving habits are also items to consider when trying to increase efficiency. Tread depth of new tires also plays a roll in fuel economy.

Learn more about the new TireWise campaign and see what changes you can expect in the coming years.

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