Bridgestone's New Blizzak WS80 Will Be Another Favorite

Bridgestone introduced the highly anticipated Blizzak WS80 for the upcoming 2014 winter season. The Bridgestone Blizzak WS80 Studless Ice & Snow tire is designed for compact coupe, sedan and minivan owners who are looking to achieve maximum grip and driver confidence in the winter months.

To enhance Bridgestone's widely successful Blizzak WS70 that was introduced in 2010, the new Blizzak WS80 builds on Bridgestone's industry setting grip levels and NanoPro-Tech Multicell compound technology. In addition to the compound, the new WS80 adds more biting edges in the tread design which gives the tire the ability to pack snow and provide maximum traction. The new tread design also sheds water more quickly, enhancing ice and slush traction after the snow melts.

Because of the amount of grip modern winter / snow tires provide, they are only to be used in sets of four unless stated by the manufacturer. The WS80 is the only tire that can be mixed with the WS70 and should be mixed in pairs, placed on the rear axle of the vehicle.

Bridgestone's Blizzak WS80 will be available in 47 sizes and most sizes will be available by early September. Search by vehicle to find out if the tire is available for your application.


Wednesday, November 18, 2015 by Ron

I have two 80% new WS70s and see that I need to match them with two Blizzak WS80s. Your article says to place the new tires on the rear. My VW Diesel Beetle is Front WD. Wouldn't I get better performance with the new WS80s on the front?
Friday, November 20, 2015 by Tire Rack Team

Ron, Even on front wheel drive vehicles, you will still want to put the WS80 on the rear as it helps prevent over-steer (tendency for rear end to slide out during cornering), a condition that is much more difficult to control than it's opposite, under steer. --

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