Speed Rating. Why is it Important?

Speed ratings are as follows: S: 112 mph T: 118 mph U: 124 mph H: 130 mph V: 149 mph Z: Was the highest rating in the 1980s at 150 + mph With the advent of new sports cars that well exceeded the 150 mph barrier, the tire industry adopted a few new speed ratings: W: 168 mph Y: 186 mphEvery tire that is produced is tested to see how fast it can be driven on...  Read More

Are your wipers and lights ready for darker weather?

As summer winds down, our long days filled with sunshine are getting shorter. Soon enough, the sun will set at earlier hours, forcing us to drive home from work under the moon. And as temperatures drop, so does the rain until it eventually turns into snow. Rest assured, you've still got some time before all of those changes take place—which means it's the...  Read More

COMING SOON: New O.Z. Racing Wheels for the Porsche GT3!

Back in 1971, O.Z. Racing became a leader in the light alloy, aftermarket wheel industry—and that's a position they have yet to give up. New O.Z. wheels continue to impress us at Tire Rack, the newest of which is without exception.O.Z. has unveiled their Superforgiata wheel, shown at right, which will take its place in our inventory later this year. It's a...  Read More

Sparco Pista wheels look great on this Mitsubishi Lancer.

O.Z. Racing partners with Sparco to create an exclusive collection of wheels that embody both brands' commitment to aftermarket design principles. Both brands are also heavily involved in motorsports, which means every Sparco wheel is made to perform. With five different Sparco wheels in stock, Tire Rack is proud to offer these aftermarket wheels to drivers...  Read More

A bright idea.

Did you know we carry replacement bulbs? If you enter your vehicle’s year, make and model in our Upgrade Garage, we may have the means to illuminate your future, or at least a couple dozen feet in front of you. I have used a couple bulbs in the past. The PIAA Xtreme White Plus is by far my favorite, and the best bulb we carry.  Not only did my visibility...  Read More

Featured wheels!

Winter's harsh salt and ice hinders our interest in new aftermarket wheels, but in the summer—a season full of bright sun and clear, usually dry roads—we're all about it. So as we enter into summer, let's take a look at a few of Tire Rack's featured aftermarket wheels. The Granite Alloy GA13 is an alloy wheel with a painted black finish. The center cap...  Read More

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems On After Market Wheels

As a Tire Rack retail sales representative, one of the most common questions I have is "If my vehicle came from the factory with a direct Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) and I am going to use aftermarket wheels, what options do I have regarding the TPMS?" It boils down to the following three choices:1) If you would like to continue the functionally of...  Read More

How much do you know about the reflectors in your headlights?

When you think about aftermarket lighting, you think bulb. And while it seems to be that simple, replacement bulbs are actually fairly complicated. One thing often overlooked: the reflector, which directs any light emitted by the bulb through the lens. But, as with most aftermarket components, there are a variety of different reflectors out there. Take a...  Read More

Tire Rack Has Bridgestone Potenza Tires

Looking for performance car tires? Bridgestone Potenza Tires always seem to find their way to the top of the performance tires review categories.  Check out some of the Potenza tires available today and also some of the more popular Bridgestone tires on right hand side by tread design picture. Extreme Performance Summer Potenza RE-11 (shown at right) Potenza...  Read More

Can't see? Might need to replace headlights.

It's unfortunate that head light bulbs can't last forever, Nothing seems to be more annoying than a bulb that burned out. It weakens your view, and has this weird way of making you feel silly as you drive.Make sure the front end of your car is always in perfect condition with a set of aftermarket lights that at least diminish the frequency at which you'll...  Read More

Aftermarket Lighting and the Kelvin Scale

Aftermarket lighting is about bulbs. But you have to know what bulbs you need in order to make an effective aftermarket lighting purchase. Scientifically speaking, a Kelvin is the unit of measurement used to describe the particular hue (color) of a light source. In this case, your headlight. Isn't all light white, you ask. Surprisingly, no. The higher the...  Read More

Did you put aftermarket bulbs on your Ford F150?

Aftermarket bulbs increase your margin of safety and enhance the appearance of your vehicle; so if you haven't put them on your F150 yet, you might want to consider the LED Tail Light/Third Brake Light Kit from Hella (shown). The kit includes two tail lights, a cab-mounted stop lamp and a complete set of installation instructions—and installation,...  Read More

Aftermarket Lighting 101

They're aftermarket bulbs. They light the road ahead of you. What's more to know? A lot, actually: • A headlight contains the bulb(s), reflector, lens and housing. Newer vehicles feature headlights with replaceable bulbs, however earlier vehicles have sealed-beam headlights where the filament, reflector and lens are combined in a single unit.• Replaceable...  Read More

Shine on with aftermarket bulbs.

Improve or enhance your Original Equipment lighting system with aftermarket bulbs. You'll increase visibility while driving, that's for sure, and update the style of your current lighting system. It makes your bulbs look good so you can, well...look down the road pretty good, too. Tire Rack offers a variety of aftermarket lighting products. Shop by vehicle t...  Read More

PIAA Xtreme White Plus Headlight Bulbs and Super Silicone Wiper Blades Improve Visiblity

I have been using the PIAA Xtreme White Plus Headlight Bulbs and also Super Silicone Wiper Blades on my vehicle for some time now. I found it difficult to see at night, especially in rainy conditions. The PIAA Xtreme White Plus head light bulbs offered me clearer visibility over my OE headlights and the PIAA Super Silicone Aftermarket Wiper Blades kept my...  Read More