Comparing Shoes and Tires

As technology advances, modern winter tires improve and provide ice and snow traction that is better than before. The research and development used to create the tread designs and rubber compounds has evolved beyond what you may have experienced previously.

All of the tire companies we represent and seven out of ten vehicle manufacturers recommend four winter tires be used on rear-wheel, front-wheel or four-wheel drive vehicles. Opposite ends of the vehicle won't react and perform the same as the other in the dry, wet, slush and snow conditions you'll encounter before the end of winter without matching tires. In emergency maneuvers, you'll find that your vehicle will probably understeer in one condition and oversteer in another. It is best to keep your vehicle's handling as consistent as possible by "matching" all four tires.

Think of it this way, mismatching your tires is like walking with a golf shoe on one foot and a tennis shoe on the other. Always maintain the same level of grip all the way around the car to ensure optimum acceleration, braking, handling and control through winter's challenges.

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