Peace of Mind

Wednesday, June 16, 2010 by Porter Pryde

Like many families, you may be planning a summer trip that involves packing up the car and possibly loading the pull behind camper or trailer. But after you have checked and adjusted the tire air pressure, how do you ensure that your trailer tires maintain the proper air pressure throughout your trip? Besides visually inspecting your trailer tires at gas stops, you can monitor trailer tire air pressure while you drive by installing a retro-fit tire pressure monitoring system.

At Tire Rack, we have two systems available that when installed will assure you that your tires are properly inflated.

Dill TPMS Dill High-pressure Retro-fit Trailer Tire Pressure Monitor

  • Provides real-time monitoring of four tires
  • Can be installed on most any 4-wheel application
  • Alerts for low- or high-pressure, air leaks and temperatures changes
  • Mounts inside of tire on wheel (wheel and tire breakdown required to install)

Accutire TPMSAccutire External Retro-Fit TPMS

  • Ideal solution for vehicles without O.E. TPMS
  • Receiver plugs into 12-volt outlet
  • Sensors are screw-on valve caps (no breakdown of wheel and tire required)

Check out these innovative solutions before starting out on your next family vacation.  The peace of mind you will have knowing that your trailer tires are properly inflated is invaluable.  After all, you have enough to worry about, like, where the next rest stop is.

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